Worries you may have before your Newborn Shoot


  1. What if my baby has Bad skin/Cradle cap?

Dry flaky skin is really common with newborns! This shouldn’t be a worry for your professional photos as a great photographer is able to smooth the skin out during editing the photos so you can always remember your baby as the perfection they would be once their skin smooths out. With my photography although I smooth dry skin and get rid of a few spots your baby may have, I still try to keep a natural finish on your newborn photos.

2. What if my baby is naked but then they need the toilet!?

Its really true when I say I have seen it all! Babies feed a lot during newborn sessions due to the heat and being woken up regularly when being changed and so baby accidents are going to happen! Its absolutely no problem. I always have a change of clothes in my studio and I have lots and lots of fresh blankets to be used should these need to go into the wash!


3. What if you want a photo of me but I don’t look my best?

Of course you may not feeling your best so soon after having a baby but I still advise all new parents to have a photo with your new miracle! I only take photos from your top half upwards so you only have to worry about wearing a plain top. Does your hair not look its best?! I can sort it afterwards ! I have even been known to touch up roots for mums and add volume! Lastly if you’re feeling a bit tired I can give your face a slight re-touch. If after all this you still don’t like your photo, we can discard of it – Never to be seen again!

4. What if my baby just won’t stop crying/just won’t settle?

I always advise mums and dads to keep baby awake as much as possible during the morning of the session to help baby be sleepy during. At the end of the day, baby runs the show and we have to go along with how they are feeling! As most sessions can last around 3 hours, there is usually time to get the photos, but if we do feel things have just not gone to plan at all, we can arrange for you to come back another day within the week.


Hopefully you are now feeling a bit more confident about your newborn session! I am very patient during photo sessions, we will go with the flow and just enjoy a few hours admiring your little one! <3

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