How to get the Best Preparation Photographs


As a wedding photographer I loovvee capturing the preparation part of the day. The beginning of the day is filled with so much anticipation and excitement which makes for such natural and honest photos.                   You and your closest friends and family are about to enjoy being pampered and maybe even waiting to open the prosecco! The day you have been planning in forever has finally come around! I have put together a few little tips on how to get the most amazing wedding preparation photographs on your day. Hope these points below help. <3


Natural light

If you are having a makeup artist or hair stylist, have them setup close to a window. If getting ready at home, choosing a room with the most natural light will make for the most flattering photos.

What to wear pre dress!

Have a think about what you (and your bridesmaids) will be wearing in the morning. Special robes or matching PJs which suit your wedding colours would work well.

Keep things tidy!

Try to begin with a tidy room. It is super helpful for your photographer if the room is free from clutter. Having things laying about can be distracting in the back of photographs!

Have anything ready which you would like to be photographed. From jewellery to perfume, shoes to flowers. Anything with importance to you on your wedding day, try to have in one spot. 🙂

Does your dress have buttons?

If your dress has a lot of buttons and you don’t have a proper dress button hook (which lets face it, not many of us have one lying around), then the next best thing may be having a bobby pin to hand! If you want your Bridesmaid to quickly do your dress up with ease- this is what I always suggest!

bridesmaid doing brides buttons on dress


But most importantly…. remember to relax! Enjoy your morning with your favourite few around you!

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