Tips for a successful newborn session


So I’m guessing that if you have made it here, you have probably never attended a newborn shoot before.. Maybe you are wanting to know a little more information..Keep reading on for my top tips for a successful Newborn Session!  Newborn sessions can take 2-4 hours as I do all the posing between feeds and cuddles! As you are in for a long sitting, feel free to bring some snacks along.           If your baby has dry skin, don’t worry about putting cream on before you come along as cream can make baby appear shiny on photos. I am always able to edit the skin after the session. Read on for a few more tips..



Bring a plain top

For any family members wanting a photograph with baby – A plain top is ideal. Logos and writing on clothes are very distracting! Neutral coloured clothes work well.

Bring a change of clothes

Okay.. so sometimes baby may be naked during the session… and therefore mishaps can, and do happen! I always keep a spare set of clothes in the studio and I often tell parents to bring a change of clothes along also.. you know, just incase.

While we are on the subject of clothes..

Make sure you wear layers! The studio is kept very warm to keep baby cosy so for us bigger humans things can get extremely hot and uncomfortable!

Which reminds me…

I keep water stocked up at my studio – remember to keep hydrated throughout the session since it will be so warm!

If you are bringing siblings along..

Newborn sessions are very long and my studio is rather small.. Little people tend to get bored very quick! I would advise that if you can, bring siblings along to the beginning of the session and then have Dad or another family member take them off for a little while 🙂

These sessions are best with very sleepy babies…

When baby is in a complete deep sleep, posing is a lot easier. I always advise parents to keep baby awake as much as possible the morning of the session so when you arrive at my studio baby is really ready for a good sleep (no pressure on this one though..).

Bare in mind..

All the moving and posing we do with baby, alongside the fact the room will be very warm, you will find baby may want to eat more regular! So bring along extra feed if bottle fed!

Talking of feeding..

Newborn sessions are best to begin while baby has a full belly. Aim to feed baby either just before you get to my studio, or as soon as you arrive at my studio.


If baby has a dummy, bring it along to the session

Some poses require a little more settling, a dummy can be helpful to use at certain times during the shoot.

I hope this post has been helpful!

Now sit back and relax while I take some beautiful photographs you will be able to cherish for years to come!


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